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"ADOPT SABR (Patience)"

Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Maseehullah Khan

Allah Ta'ala says: "O People of Iman! Adopt Sabr (Patience)"
The Prophet (S.A.W.) said, "A Believer is to be marveled because every condition of his is good. This is exclusive to the Believer. If he attains happiness, he makes shukr (is thankful) and if calamity overtakes him, he adopts sabr."

In man are two conflicting forces. The one force impels him towards Deen and righteousness while the other drives him towards base desires. Asserting the Deeni force and subduing the force of lust is called Sabr. In the state of Sabr the Deeni force in man asserts its dominance over the lowly force of base desire.

Its definition is given as follows:

"Maintaining control of the nafs in the face of such things which the nafs dislikes.

Courtesy: Monthly TAJ [Tajul Masajid Jamia Tajia, Bufferzone, Karachi] February 2010 edition
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Biography Muhammad Maseehullah Khan (1911 - 1992):

Maulana Mohammed Maseehullah Khan, one of the greatest of authorities in Tasawwuf of our times, hails from the renowned and distinguished Sherwaani family of Pathans. He was born in 1329 or 1330 A.H. at Barlah, District Aligarh, India. A born saint, he was from early childhood the repository of piety and sterling qualities.  

Studying the works of Hadhrat Thanvi R.A. at the hands of Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyaas R.A. engendered in Hadhrat Maseehullah Saheb a yearning, faith and love for Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi R.A. The year when Hadhrat Maseehullah qualified in his Islamic studies at Darul Uloom, Deoband, Hadhrat Thanvi R.A. conferred upon him the spiritual Mantle of Khilaafat authorising him to ‘talqeene bai’t’ (initiation of Mureeds). 

The choice of Hadhrat Maseehullah as the spiritual custodian of Jalalabad was the inspirational choice of Hakeemul Ummat R.A. Within thirty years the two-roomed maktab developed into a full-fledged Islamic Madressa, Miftahul Uloom, with over six hundred students from all parts of India, South Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, England, etc. Islamic education is imparted in the various branches of Islamic Knowledge, right from the elementary stages to the Aalim-Faadhil level.

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