Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little by little the Lovedrunk Arrive

Hazrat Maulana Rumi

Andak Andak
Little by Little...

"Little by little, drunk people are gathering: those in love, people who want to drink more and more glasses of knowledge, the knowledge of God. Little by little, their souls grow up, and they become alive. Little by little, the spiritual life rises from the physical one."

اندک اندک جمع مستان می رسنـــد
اندک اندک می پرستان می رسنـــد

دلنوازان ناز نازان در ره اند
گلعذاران از گلستان می رسنـــد

اندک اندک زين جهان هست و نيست
نيستان رفتند و هستان می رسنـــد

جمله دامنهای پر زر همچو کان
از برای تنگ دستان می رسنـــد

لاغران خسته از مرعای عشــق
فربهان و تندرستان می رسنـــد

جان پاکان چون شعاع آفتــاب
از چنان بالا بپستان می رسنـــد

خرم آن باغی که بهر مريــمان
ميوه های نو ز مستانمی رسنـــد

اصلشان لطفست و هم واگشت لطف
هم ز بستان سوی بستان می رسنـــد

Little by little, from this world of Being and non-Being
The non-existent leave and the existent arrive

They come with hands and clothes full of gold
For the poor and hungry they arrive

The gaunt, exhausted from the trials of Love
Strong and healthy they arrive

Like the rays of the Sun , the lives of the Pure
From those heights to the lowly valley they arrive

Green and fresh the garden for the pure
With new fruits from the love drunk they arrive

Their essence is grace and grace they unfold and expand
From the garden towards the garden they arrive

Copyrighted Translation by Ali Arsanjani:

Courtesy: Abdur Rahman

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This is a good translation. Thank you.